Alyce offers Franklin Method workshops on a variety of subjects. See below for detailed descriptions of how Franklin Method can be integrated into your daily activities. Alyce can also customize a workshop or series of workshops for specific types of activity and focus on the needs of Runner/Walkers, Equestrians, Dancers, and Pilates/Yoga Teachers.

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Workshop Descriptions

Energized, Motivated & Healthy through Dynamic Imagery

dynamic imageryDynamic Imagery in the Franklin Method is the disciplined use of the content of your mind to influence/improve your experience or skill in any area. We now know that the brain has the ability to change (Neuroplasticity) and with the Franklin Method you get to practice how to direct positive change.

This workshop is a great introduction to the Franklin Method and the principles that underlie the effective application of imagery. Advanced athletes and dancers have been using imagery for a long time, now it is available and free for everyone! Gain experience in how to use imagery in your daily life to improve posture, efficiency, coordination, mood and motivation.

Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Pelvic Power workshopThis workshop focuses on the practical application of imagery techniques, movement and anatomy to increase the power, alignment and flexibility of the pelvic joints and muscles. To balance the action of the pelvic joints (hip and sacroiliac) we will experience the natural bone rhythms in support of healthy function which helps the low back, hips and knees. Understanding how the hip and sacrum move creates safe and efficient movement. The end of the workshop will focus on some dynamic pelvic floor exercises.

Increase the flexibility of your hip joints for yoga, dance and life
Learn pelvic exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility
Release tension and pain in your pelvis and lower back
Experience Dynamic core training for your pelvis
Restore strength & stability to your pelvic floor

Relax Your Neck & Liberate Your Shoulders

shoulder-neck-workshopExperience the power of imagery, touch and movement exercises to lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature. Learn how to melt away tension and associated mental anxiety. Learn the experiential anatomy of the shoulder girdle and benefit from an increased awareness into the function and interaction of the joints and muscles. Exercise with the Franklin balls and bands to experience smooth joint action, increased circulation and balanced posture.

Imagery Exercises for a Strong, Flexible & Healthy Spine

spine workshopThe spine is a masterpiece of design, containing over one hundred joints and associated muscles and ligaments. Complex design requires conscious maintenance.

The cultural norm is mostly negative imagery surrounding the spine.

In this workshop we will explore spinal evolution, design and function by using imagery and simple movements that support a healthy, strong spine. A new embodied understanding of the spine will allow for all daily movement and exercise to benefit spinal health.

Learn the Spine Dance and the new meaning of Back Talking!

Love Your Knees! Imagery for Happy, Healthy Knees

knees workshopThe knee is the largest and most challenged joint we have. Incorrect alignment and lack of proper training can cause the knees to become painful. This workshop focuses on your knees, the bone rhythms of the joint, the patella, and the menisci so they can function in a healthier fashion.

Gain insight into the design and function of the knees
Learn imagery to improve the health of your knees that will make walking and running more efficient and pleasurable
Use exercises to improve function and balance
Experience how the function of the knees relates to your hips and feet

Fabulous Feet- Your Dynamic Base

feet workshopOur feet propel us through life and are our foundation to the earth. How we take care of them can have a huge impact on how we move, our flexibility and how we feel. Learn how the coordination of your feet can have a positive effect on your entire body.

Improve balance and eliminate low back tightness and pain
Experience improved function of your lower leg and foot
Learn exercises to keep your feet fit and flexible
Experience foot training that will improve your balance, strength and coordination

The Psoas: Activating Your Inner Core

psoas workshop The Illiopsoas plays a major role in healthy alignment, stability and efficient movement. In this workshop we will use imagery and movement protocols to activate and balance the functions of the Psoas. Proper training commonly relieves back and pelvic pain.

Discover your psoas muscle in movement, stability and balance
Release your lower back
Create more ease of movement in walking, running, sitting.
Experience natural flexibility in your hip joints

Organ Imagery for Health, Alignment and Flexibility

organ workshopThe organs of our body not only carry out our physiological functions; the vital work of
maintaining, renewing and reproduction. They also serve an important role in the support of
posture and movement. Yet in the western world organs are generally not considered, when it
comes to training the body.

This workshop will demonstrate how organ training with imagery can:
☆ improve movement, posture, flexibility and strength
☆ improve the organs physiological functioning
☆ stamina, digestion, circulation, mood, immune function and sex drive etc

Filters for Life: Organ health for your Kidneys

kidneys workshopIn this workshop you will learn how to image your kidneys and their movement in relation to adjacent structures, when you breathe, stand and move. Your kidneys move up and down inside your body about 2-3cm with every breath, they process 45 liters of blood per hour and the length of their tubes would almost make it around the planet.

You will understand their basic physiological function and what they need to function well.

We will do ball exercise lying supine and especially look at the relationship between the psoas major muscle and the kidneys.

The concept of core strength must include the organs as they are at the core of the body, their tone will determine the ability of your skeletal musculature to function freely.

Breathing for Life

lungs workshopBreathing better has consistently been shown to have a positive influence on numerous
aspects of our lives – ☆Better digestion ☆improved circulation ☆stronger immune function ☆enhanced cardiovascular health ☆more energy ☆improve our poise and presence ☆calm our minds

Through imagery, self touch, and simple exercises we will embody the design, structure and movements of the diaphragm, ribs, and lungs. We will explore the dynamic 3 dimensional patterns of breathing involving muscles, bones and organs.

Learn & Experience:
How breathing works and what it actually means to breathe well.
How breathing can improve your endurance & flexibility.
How after this workshop you will feel more present, calm and energized.

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